• Envelope Icing – Elegant DIY Address Labels

Happy New Year!!! After a little break for the holiday, we’re back with a brand new set of how-to videos to help you dress up your envelopes.  This easy project will give the final personal touch to your invitation with a custom address label.  The wraps are a great way to dress up your envelope with motifs and color — and they are so much easier than printing directly on your envelopes!

Now that you’ve seen them, part 2 of this series is the step-by-step guide to create these labels at home for your own invitations.

We have also created a Word template you can use to mail-merge your guest list. TIP: You might find it easier to to design one file with your return addresses and artwork and print these first. Then reprint the sheets with the separate mail merge file containing your guest addresses.

If we’re printing your invitations, ask us how we can help with your custom envelope labels as well.

Remember that we have everything you need to create beautiful invitations on our website. Best of luck with your project!

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