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all-boxesSince Favor Boxes were introduced a year and a half ago, we have enjoyed seeing the wonderful ways brides incorporate these into their weddings, and wanted to share a few of our “favor”-ite ideas for personalizing favor containers.

The Hanging Favor Tag


Take Out box in C4 Diamond-BLO09 (Bloom Pattern)

This little “Take Out” style container, is tied with gold cord and a square 1.75 x 1.75 printed monogram seal is mounted on a 2 x 2 backing. We used a small diameter punch like this one to create the hole in the tag for the ribbon.


Tag is printed on C2 Creme Brulee with C1 Amethyst Backing

Using the ultra-cool “Pyramid” container, we had to get a little more creative with the hang tag.


“Pyramid” container in Pyrite-SUT01 (Sutra Pattern)

We used the  1/8″ punch on our 1 x 3″ tag to make a hole for our gold string.


Tag is printed in C2 Pyrite

Then, we punched another hole on the box (using the same 1/8″ punch on the tip of the last flap right before folding it in), thus creating an elegant way to hang the string on this uniquely shaped box.


The Die-Cut Favor Tag


C3 Mercury Blue “Pillow” Container

On this “Pillow” container, we used a bright pink 1/8″ ribbon wrapped a few times around and tied with a hand-punched tag.  TIP: You need to print the tags several times on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, then cut them out using the hand punch. We used one like this from Amazon. Then,  we used a small diameter punch like this one to create the hole in the tag for the ribbon (two different punches).

Here’s another example using a 3″ round die cut punch (like this one), and a 5/8″ sheer blue ribbon around the “Clutch” container. You could either use the  1/8″ punch or a 1/4″ punch (larger punch is easier with larger ribbon).


Clutch container in C4White Micah REG35 (Regalia Pattern)

The Mounted Favor Tag


“Bon-Bon” container shown in C4 Raw Silk Ecru SWI73 (Swiss Dot Pattern)

For our sweet “Bon-Bon” container, we flush-mounted a printed 2 x 2 tag (C1 Classic Ecru) directly on one side of the 2 x 2 box – it fits perfectly.  Around the middle, we added a 3/8″ brown ribbon and a square rhinestone buckle. (Ribbon is taped together on the bottom using our double-stick tape.)

cream-brown-closeWe love the extra touch and shimmer the buckle adds to this over-the-top favor!

The Printed Band Wrap

3-boxesFor the two boxes above, we printed on translucent vellum, then wrapped the printed strip around the box. You’ll need to print on an 8.5 x 11 sheet, then trim down with a paper cutter.

The box on the left features a C2 Champagnium “Tarte” box, with a V4 Kaleidoscope patterned Vellum.

The “Tarte” box on the right is in the  C4 Crème Brûlée-BRO17 (Brocade Pattern) with a plain (non-patterned) vellum wrap.

You could also use a solid or patterned paper (not vellum) as shown around the “Pillow” box below as a bandwrap.


C3 Majestic “Pillow” container with P4 Classic White-BRO04 (Yellow Brocade Pattern) bandwrap

Here’s another idea – combining a paper wrap with a scalloped seal. The “Pillow” container is shown with a P2 Caspian Bandwrap, and a C1 Classic White seal cut from a 2.25″ Circle Scallop Punch.


“Pillow” container shown in C4 Raw Silk White-ABA72 (Abaca Pattern)

The Icing Wrap


“Wedge” container shown in C4 Serpentine REG83 (Regalia Pattern)

Sometimes you don’t need a bandwrap all the way around, as in the “Wedge”  favor container above. This “icing” label wraps around partially on the other side, and we decorated ours with a slim navy satin ribbon.  These labels are a snap for any shape box, but are especially great for favor containers in odd shapes that are less conducive to tying something around.

Our Icing Tutorial will give you the step-by step to create these easily at home. (The tutorial is showing how to make envelope addresses in Icing style, but you can make the jump to turn it into favor icing.  If you don’t have a paper cutter, you’ll need one for making printed bandwraps as you have to cut down after printing.

The Recap

Here are links to the items you’ll need to make these fabulous favors at home… Well, everything except the surprise inside, and we’ll leave that up to you!

See available Favor Container colors here (available in all cardstock colors)

See Shapes & Sizes here (scroll to the bottom for favor container options)

Order Favor Containers here

Order Paper for Wraps here or Translucent Vellum here

Order Cardstock for Tags here

Tape & tape gun for assembly (Use for mounting tags directly on the box, or adding wraps/labels. The boxes themselves do not require tape for assembly)

Rhinestones and Ribbon (Ask us if you don’t see what you’re looking for on the site yet.  We can most likely order it for you.)

Click here for font ideas for your Favors

TIP on Printing:For favor tags, die cut tags, wraps and icing, print on a larger sheet first and cut down after printing.


Extra tools from Amazon:

You’ll need a 1/4″ or 1/8″ round hole punch (see sizes below) to add the hole for ribbon/string on each of the craft punches.

2.5″ Tag Punch

More tag options

2.25″ Circle Scallop Punch

3″ Circle Craft Punch

More Circle & Scallop Punch Sizes

 1/8-Inch Round Hole Punch – hole punch for smaller ribbon/string

1/4 Inch Round Hole Punch – hole punch for larger ribbon

Paper Cutter – choose one that meets your needs

TIP on Hand Punching: It has been our experience that the large die cut hand punches (circles/scallops/etc.) do not work well on the heavier stocks, especially the metallics.  Stick to using the paper stocks or C1 Classic White/Classic Ecru type stocks and they will work much better. The small 1/4″ & 1/8″ punches work fine on heavier stock. Be sure to print on the full size sheet and trim or punch after printing. We are an Amazon affiliate and appreciate it when you click on the links above to order.

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