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  • Invitation Design That Sets the Mood for YOUR Wedding

    Your invitation is one of the first things your guests will see to introduce them to your wedding. Invitations not only convey the time, date, and place, but also give guests some clues about the theme, formality, and mood of the event. In this article, we will explore how different fonts and layouts totally change […]

  • Top Trends – Favorite FREE Wedding Fonts

    As promised, here’s our next installment on the Fonts series.  These are a few of our favorite Fancy fonts that you can download as a trial for free… And who doesn’t love FREE!  As a disclaimer, some of the free trial fonts may lacks some punctuation (see our tip at the end of this article). […]

  • Top Trends – Featuring our Favorite Flourished Wedding Fonts

    Your invitation sets the mood for your entire celebration, so whether it’s for a wedding, birthday, Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, anniversary or birth, the look of your invitation says as almost as much about the event as your wording does. Calligraphy-style fonts with lots of swirls and flourishes are very popular this year, and […]

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