12 different Pocket Fold styles & sizes.
One will be perfect for you!

Step 1: Choose Your Style

Over 200 colors and patterns to choose from! Click on the pocket below
for the price point of your selected color (C1, C2, C3, etc.)

Step 2: Choose Your Color

You can incorporate extra colors into your invitation with a cardstock
backing layer or two.

Step 3: Choose Your Backing Layer(s)

You can order blank cardstock to print at home,
or let us custom print your invitation for you.

Step 4: Select colors for your
printed invitation

You can select coordinating envelopes and liners to perfectly match
your invitation, that are specially designed to fit our enclosures.

Step 5: Don't Forget Your Envelopes

Whether for DIY Invitations or full service
printing, we can help you make it perfect.

We're Here to Help!

Envelopments® DIY Pocket Invitations:
Pockets, Supplies, Cardstock & Envelopes

Everything you need to create your perfect DIY Pocket Invitations or Custom Printed Invitations

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Pocket Folds

Pocket Folds are perfect when you want to organize all your invitation information gorgeously folded in a neat package.

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Pocket Cards

Pocket Cards have an area on the front for your invitation, and a pocket on the back for your  information.

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Pocket Envelopes

Pocket Envelopes look like regular invitation envelopes, but are made of cardstock – just right for a very formal “inner envelope.”

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Portable Pockets

Portable Pockets are unique pocket sleeves designed to hold your invitation or announcement.

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Envelofolds are specially die-cut to allow all 4 corners to fold in – similar to an envelope, but a more unique presentation.

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Gate Cards

Gate Cards have two flaps that open to reveal your invitation. Signature flaps have points, and Classic flaps are straight.

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Z-Cards fold up, similar to a pocket fold, but without the pocket. Signature style has a pointed flap and Classic style features straight flaps.

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Twist Cards

Twist Cards feature a center panel that “flips” as the card is opened and the edges are pulled out. Perfect for smaller announcements, save-the-dates, and greetings.

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Cardstock is offered in over 200+ colors and patterns, plus custom-cut sizes so you can add the perfect pop for your printed cards, enclosures and backing layers.

Shop Cardstock.

Letterpress Stock

Letterpress stock is soft and cottony for those deep impressions.  Choose from Crane, Savoy, and more, for cardstock, envelopes and papers.

Shop Letterpress Stock.

Paper (Text Weight)

Paper is perfect for program pages, band wraps and anything you need a lighter-than-carstock sheet for. Available in all colors designated with a “P”.

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Translucent Stock

Translucent stock, sometimes called vellum or onion skin, is a sheer, text weight stock that is perfect for bandwraps, invitation wraps, and overlays – anytime you need to see what is underneath.

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Invitation Envelopes

Invitation Envelopes are the “mailing envelopes” for your invitations, thank yous, save the dates, and RSVP Cards. Available in many different colors, your envelopes can also add a pop of color.

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Envelope Liners

Envelope Liners are pre-cut to fit inside all our Envelopments Envelopes. Choose a color that corresponds to your ensemble, or add a new coordinating color or pattern. Liners come unassembled.

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Folded Cards

Folded Cards come in many sizes and can be used for invitations, thank you’s, table numbers, menu tents, place cards, programs/program covers, day-of signage, and more!

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Favor Boxes

Favor Containers come in seven adorable shapes that lend themselves perfectly to display your token of gratitude for your guests. See favor box decorating ideas here.

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Invitation Boxes

Invitation Boxes can take your gorgeous invitation to over-the-top WOW. We offer a variety of colors, brands, sizes to fit our invitation pockets, and a variety of prices to fit in different budgets.  Be sure to scroll all the way down the page to choose the right box.

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Invitation Rhinestone Kit

How to add rhinestones to your wedding invitations - EnvelopMe.com

Our Invitation Rhinestone Kit adds just the right amount of bling to your custom or diy invitations. Includes glue, pick-up stick, glue dispenser and 9ss Swarovski stones.

Order Rhinestone Bling Kit


Don’t forget the Tape. We offer a variety of tape, glue dots and tape dispensers for your invitation assembly needs. If you need help figuring out how much tape to order, just give us a call and we can help you calculate it.

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Custom Printing

Custom Printing Services – Need a little help with design or printing? We offer Letterpress, Thermography, Full Color, Foil, Die-cutting, and more, and can print your design or design it for you.

Learn more about our Printing Service

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