Rachel & Justin Pocketfold Wedding Invitation

There was a time when 14 lines of type on a simple panel card all in the same font, was considered modern. Then there was the rule of not mixing more than two typefaces on a page. Lucky for us, we live in a time of “Do what represents you” and the strict rules of type and design have never been the same. This modern elegant invitation suite takes clean graphics and then tweaks it with ornate geometric details from our EOA library to make a stunningly simple impact. Paired with colors of Soleil, London Fog and Eggshell, makes inviting all the more fun—and receiving, all the more enchanting.

Featured Parts
  • Pocket Folds® – Signature Enclosure
Item DescriptionSizeColor
Wedding Invitation
Pocket Folds® – Signature Enclosure5 x 7 – Portrait  Eggshell
Card Stock [Backing]5.125 x 7.125  Soleil
Card Stock [Invite]5.0 x 7.0 ■  Eggshell
Card Stock [Accommodations]5.0 x 6.75 ■  Eggshell
Card Stock [Response]3.5 x 5  Eggshell
Envelope – Signature Paper [Response]3.5 x 5  London Fog
Envelope – Signature Paper [Outer]5 x 7  London Fog
Item DescriptionSizeColor
Save the Date
Card Stock [Backing]3.5 x 5  Soleil
Card Stock [Save the Date]3.375 x 4.875 ■  Eggshell
Envelope – Signature Paper [Outer]3.5 x 5  Eggshell

■ Indicates custom-cut size. Item priced from standard size that accommodates custom cut. Price does not include custom cutting fees.

The WEDDING INVITATION involves 3 flush mountings

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