Christina & Jameson Portable Pocket Wedding Invitation

Charming, crafty, clever. Never before has a return address looked so frame-able. Really, the biggest problem with this invitation is that no one will want to part with their response set; they’ll want to save it, keep it, give it a name—it’s just too sweet to surrender. But you’ll know if they are coming, they’ll call, right away! They will gush about every little detail. So keep a notepad by your phone, to keep track of the verbal Yays or Nays, ‘cause you’re not getting all of your RSVPs back, no siree!

Christina and Jameson took great pleasure in pulling together all the right details and colors for their wedding. A simple single panel notecard and eye-catching Wedgwood blue envelope was packed with personality from the get-go. This eclectic design is tailor made for those of you who have an eye for detail and a penchant for fun.

Featured Parts – Wedding Invitations
  • Portable Pockets® – Enclosure
  • Cut Stock
Featured Parts – Save the Date
  • Cut Stock
Item DescriptionSizeColor
Wedding Invitation
Portable Pockets® – Enclosure5 x 7 – Portrait  Crepe
Card Stock [Backing]5.125 x 7.125  Goodnight
Card Stock [Invite]4.875 x 6.875 □  Classic Ecru
Card Stock [Additional Info]4.125 x 5.375 ■  Classic Ecru
Card Stock [Response]3.5 x 5 □  Classic Ecru
Envelope – Signature Paper [Response]3.5 x 5  Classic Ecru
Envelope – Signature Paper [Outer]5 x 7  Classic Ecru
Item DescriptionSizeColor
Save the Date
Card Stock [Save the Date]4.125 x 5.5 □  Classic Ecru
Envelope – Signature Paper [Outer]4 x 5  Wedgewood


■ Indicates custom-cut size. Item priced from standard size that accommodates custom cut. Price does not include custom cutting fees.

□ When printing address labels, seals, band wraps or stocks with bleeds, consider starting with a larger sheet, then cut after printing.

The WEDDING INVITATION involves 1 flush mounting.

The SAVE THE DATE involves no mountings.

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