Madison & Thaddeus Wedding Invitation & Save the Date

This Metro Chic invitation is beautiful perfection for this occasion, and just like a supermodel, it doesn’t look like you’ve tried too hard. It is the perfect balance of sparse with just the right details. It is unfettered, unfussy, and a knock out at first glance. From the Save the Date Twist Card in Goodnight blue to the Signature Z-Card in Picholine that houses the invitation, smart and eye-catching color and striking details work on you long before you settle in to read what they say. To make it your own, all one ever needs to do is add your own personal information and adjust the colors to your event and you are on your way for the “best wedding ever”.

Featured Parts – Wedding Invitation
  • Z-Card – Signature
Featured Parts – Save the Date
  • Twist Card
Item DescriptionSizeColor
Wedding Invitation
Z-Card – Signature5 x 7 – Landscape  Picholine
Card Stock [Backing]5.125 x 7.125  Goodnight
Card Stock [Backing]4.875 x 6.875 ■  Turtle Dove
Card Stock [Invite]4.75 x 6.75 ■  Classic White
Card Stock [Directions]5.125 x 7.125  Classic White
Card Stock [Response]3.5 x 5.0 ■  Classic White
Envelope – Signature Paper [Response]3.5 x 5  Classic White
Envelope – Signature Paper [Outer]5 x 7  Classic White



Item DescriptionSizeColor
Save the Date
Twist Card5 x 7 – Portrait  Goodnight
Card Stock [Front]3.25 x 3.25 ■  Picholine
Card Stock [Back]3.25 x 3.25 ■  Picholine
Envelope – Signature Paper [Outer]5 x 7  Turtle Dove


■ Indicates custom-cut size. Item priced from standard size that accommodates custom cut. Price does not include custom cutting fees.

□ When printing address labels, seals, band wraps or stocks with bleeds, consider starting with a larger sheet, then cut after printing.

The WEDDING INVITATION involves 3 flush mountings.

The SAVE THE DATE involves 2 flush mountings.

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