Anna & Paul Pocketfold Wedding Invitation

Be still my heart…

I had a good friend who sent letters and postcards to me from wherever he traveled. Instead of addressing me by name he started each one with the word Dearheart. At first I took it to be a generic stroke of pen, but in time I came to see his expression as the endearment it was intended to be. I suppose this is where some of my affinity for hearts live, in the dearness of them. Most hearts in the graphic sense of the word border on cute and way too cute. They conjure up images of satin boxed chocolates, and saccharin mass produced greetings. In contrast, Envelopments Design team bridged a long commercial design gap when they created this centerpiece of an EOA. As they have crafted a heart that is grown up, and design driven, they managed to create a heart that didn’t exclude men.

This wedding ensemble, finds a perfect balance between crystalline symbology and modern austerity. The EOA suite includes an outlined version with a CAD feel to it—a blueprint of the heart, so to speak. Check out our newest shades of red, Bing, Brick and Fig that we paired with two of our many shades of gray gives this grouping a sophisticated and architectural edge.

Featured Parts – Wedding Invitation
  • Pocket Folds® – Signature Enclosure
Featured Parts – Save the Date
  • Cut Stock
Item DescriptionSizeColor
Wedding Invitation
Pocket Folds® – Signature5 x 7 – Landscape  Turtle Dove
Card Stock [Backing]5.125 x 7.125  Fig
Card Stock [Backing]4.875 x 6.875 ■  Brick
Card Stock [Backing]4.625 x 6.625 ■  Bing
Card Stock [Invite]4.5 x 6.5 ■  London Fog
Card Stock [Additional Info]4.625 x 7.0 ■  London Fog
Card Stock [Response]3.5 x 5.0 ■  London Fog
Envelope – Signature Paper [Response]3.5 x 5  London Fog
Envelope – Signature Paper [Outer]5 x 7  London Fog
Item DescriptionSizeColor
Save the Date
Card Stock [Backing]5.75 x 5.75 ■  Bing
Card Stock [Save the Date]5.5 x 5.5 ■  London Fog
Envelope – Signature Paper [Outer]5 x 5  Turtle Dove


■ Indicates custom-cut size. Item priced from standard size that accommodates custom cut. Price does not include custom cutting fees.

□ When printing address labels, seals, band wraps or stocks with bleeds, consider starting with a larger sheet, then cut after printing.

The WEDDING INVITATION involves 4 flush mountings.

The SAVE THE DATE involves 1 flush mounting.

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