Traditional Printing Methods

We offer a variety of professional printing options for all your invitation needs.

If you would like your wedding or event invitations professionally printed, we have several different options available.
Thermography (raised)
Flat Ink(Traditional/Offset and Digital)
Full Color (also flat)
Specialty Services including custom die-cutting and foil imprints are also available

Each type of printed gives your invitation a different look. We can help you select the best type of printing based on your budget, your artwork, your particular invitation job specifications, and your personal preference.



Thermography is the most commonly used process for invitations. This method gives the traditional raised ink for custom wedding invitations and bar/bat mitzvah invitations. The outcome is very similar to Engraving (a process that is very expensive), but thermography is available at a much more affordable price. Thermography is usually done in one or two colors of ink. PMS matching (using a non-standard ink color) will incur an additional fee, for any ink color that is not one of our standard colors. Click here for a custom quote on your thermography wedding invitations.


FLAT INK (Offset)

flat offset printing

Flat Ink just means it is flat to the touch, not raised or debossed. You cannot feel it as you run your hand over the print. Flat ink is usually printed on an offset press, although on small jobs and certain stock we may run on a digital press, if it is more cost effective for your job. Offset printing is done in one or two colors (shown using 2 colors). PMS matching (using a non-standard ink color) will incur an additional fee, for any ink color that is not one of our standard colors, unless we are running digital, but keep in mind that there are limitations to CMYK /Digital color matching.



full color

Full Color is used if photos or multiple colors are needed to create your design. This type of printing is most often run digitally, although for larger color jobs, they will be run on a traditional press. We can also print on photo paper or glossy paper/cardstock, depending on what you need for your specific job. No extra charge for color matching, but keep in mind that there are limitations to CMYK/Digital color matching.



Letterpress is a very elegant (and more costly) type of printing done on vintage presses, where the ink is pressed into the paper. This type of printing works best on our specialty letterpress stocks for crisp impressions that you can feel, but it also gives magnificent results on some of our soft metallic stock for something different. Letterpress is traditionally 1 or 2 colors, but can be 3 colors of ink (remember that more ink colors increase the cost). Pleasing PMS match is no extra charge. Click here to learn more about our elegant but affordable letterpress invitations. (Tip: We do not skimp on outstanding quality, but our low overhead allows us to keep prices lower than many others while always providing the highest quality printing. We want to be your letterpress printer!)


foil stamping

If you need additional services, such as foil (shown above – the best way to print light text on a dark stock), or custom die-cutting, or even Acrylic or laser cut invitations, please allow us to provide you with a quote for your exact specifications. Click here to learn more about the specialty invitation services we offer.

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